WARNING: Not for people who mindlessly follow the crowd!

  • I just want to get my photos into albums, not do an art project!
  • I should stop taking photos, since I never do anything with them. 
  • My computer crashed, and I lost all my photos!
  • My son is 27 years old, and I'd just love to finally get his baby pictures into an album. 
  • If I have to look through the lens of my camera one more time and see that look on my "child's, spouse's, relative's" face of "well, here's one more family photo we're posing for that we'll never see again", I'm going to cry!

If you've had any of those thoughts or others judging what you are doing, or not doing, with your photos or doubting your abilities with them, I can tell you, it is NOT you who is the problem, it's the mindset we've adopted due very effective marketing plus mistaken beliefs.

The fact is that your photos matter to you! The people and activities and events your photos are holding matter most to you!

And, it's time to take back control and get your photos out of hiding, before you forget more of the stories behind them and why you took them in the first place! 

This site is devoted to neutralizing the nonsense and re-empowering YOU!

It has been born from my own frustration of trying to fit my round "photo approach" into the square scrapbooking hole. 

I've "cracked the code" and know the mindset shifts which must occur and have developed the processes and systems which must be implemented, plus THE best products to get it all done, to make it easier and more meaningful. And, I'm sharing it all with you.

Simply decide where you want to start via the buttons below and join me in becoming the boss of your photos, too!


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Organize Them

Lots of tiny little folders on your computer and so-called organizational software where the tags don't cross-reference or keep the stories with the images is NOT useful photo organization. Neither is.... learn more 


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Enjoy Them

When we look through the lens of our camera/smart phone and snap the photo or record a video, most of us have a plan for what we'll do with the photo/video, which rarely, ever happens... UNLESS that plan... learn more

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Protect Them

You probably know someone who has lost some photos/digital images via a computer crash, damaged or lost cell phone, fire or another way.

You probably have... learn more 

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Use Them
(aka Unleash Their Superpowers)          If you are the type of parent who reads books, takes classes and puts energy into creating the healthiest of relationships with your kids, photos with stories could be the... learn more

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