About Creative Memories

Since 1989, Creative Memories has been the premiere album making company dedicated to the highest quality materials and tools ever made! Under new ownership since 2014, CEO Caleb Hayhoe has made sure it continues providing the same great materials and tools and is stronger than ever!

That is why it is my ONLY choice for albums for my own family's printed photos and digital page prints. Plus, CM has THE best box for organizing printed photos, the Power Sort box.

Below is a video of Caleb chatting about CM. Please be aware that while the focus of this video is on craft-driven scrapbooking, which isn't the focus I'm promoting, encouraging or providing support for, it will still give you a little introduction into CM.

You may be aware that the original CM briefly closed it's doors due to gross mismanagement. When Caleb purchased CM, he instituted a whole new business model called Hybrid Direct Sales and strong business practices, which have grown CM into the strong company it is a mere few years later.

I can explain more about that when we chat. If you'd like to, please schedule a time via the scheduler to the right, and I'll look forward to connecting with you soon. Thank you!