About Youngevity

Youngevity is often referred to as the Amazon of Direct Sales!

I have 2 focuses with this company:

  • The Essential Oils are beyond reproach but, even more importantly, the safeguards and supports put in place by the YGY company around the EOs are smart and in alignment with the FDA's requirements. No outlandish advice or use suggestions, just rock solid support and assistance by talented Aromatherapy experts. These are the oils I use to support me as I work on my printed photos and digital images.
  • The mineral makeup line has been incredibly eye-opening. I had no idea how many fillers and toxins are included in some of the best known makeup brands. And, if you think that doesn't matter, it only takes 26 seconds for toxins on our skin to be absorbed. I've never enjoyed wearing makeup but THIS makeup, I can wear!! Wearing such clean, healthy make up contributes to my goal of being at my best for as years and years to come of album-completion for my family!

You have a choice. You could skip Youngevity and decide to focus only on CM and/or Forever and a photo-focused business or you could choose to add this into this mix. You could even decide to branch out to any of the other brands within YGY. The choice is yours.

This company is based on the Multi-Level Marketing business model. Interestingly, the newly developed Socials are very similar to the direct sales model with some perks.

If you'd like to explore the possibilities, please schedule an appointment via my scheduler to the right. I'm looking forward to our chat!! Thank you!