Power Sort: Digital Images (Historian software)

This 1.5 hour workshop is perfect for you if you are ready to organize and reclaim your digital images!

Using the best digital organizing software, Historian, you will learn:

  • the basics of the software
  • adding the story to the images
  • the #1 important feature of this software: how to set up the categories and tags to make the most of the cross-referencing strategy, so you can find the images you are looking for in 30 seconds or less. 

Very Important: 

Historian is the only software I use for digital organization and is PC only, not Mac. Many of my Apple-based clients either partition a PC-section of their computer or purchase a separate PC laptop (really, the software is THAT good!).

Pre-requisite for attendance: 

  • the Strategic Scrapbook Intro class
  • pre-registration for this workshop, upper right column
  • pre-purchase of the Historian software via my link to the right 
  • download and install the software (when you purchase Historian via my link, you also receive, for FREE, a bonus of 20 pdf tutorials for installing, setting up, backing up, etc. the software)
  • if you haven't purchased Historian from me, you may purchase the set of 20 pdf tutorials for $75 via this link

Pre-requisites for registration:

  • If you purchased Historian during the Strategic Scrapbook Intro class, you received a discount code for the full price of this lab. Please be sure to use it. 
  • If you purchased Historian from someone else, you are welcome to attend this lab at full price... it's worth it. 

Recommended class to support/assist you to more easily move the digital images you care about into an album:

*All classes, learning labs, workshops and event dates/times are subject to change



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