Power Sort: Digital Images (Historian software)

Using the best digital organizing software, Historian, you will learn:

  • the basics of the software
  • adding the story to the images
  • the #1 important feature of this software: how to set up the categories and tags to make the most of the cross-referencing strategy, so you can find the images you are looking for in 30 seconds or less. 

Very Important: 

Historian is the only software which allows the effective and deep level of organization I teach. It is a PC-based software which works beautifully on Macs with a PC side. Some Apple-based clients even purchase a separate PC laptop to run the software on (really, the software is THAT good!), but it’s not necessary. 


  • pre-purchase of the UNscrapbooking Collection: Digital or just the Historian software. 
  • Mac Clients: you will need the virtual PC side of your Mac set up with the Windows OS & Historian via Bootcamp, which is on your Mac computer already, Parallel or another program OR have it set up and ready to go on a dedicated PC. 

Purchase Choices: 

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