Spring Retreat 2017


Corrine Lawrence[quote]The weekend was a huge success for me. Not only did I get 65 pages completed (1.5 years in my family album), I was able to focus entirely on the task at hand making the final product a higher quality than if I was scrapping at home. And, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the fun time with the ladies. The location and accommodations were excellent![/quote] [/sixcol_two]

* Are you tired of taking photos just to watch them pile up?

* Have you seen how much you've gotten done at monthly workshops and wished for even more concentrated time to knock out a project that really matters to you?

* Is there 1 set of photos that, if you got them into an album, would take the pressure off?

* If you took this time at the retreat to organize your photos, how much easier would it be for you to complete those albums you have in mind?

* How much fun could that one special album be to someone you love? Maybe something like this.....


Attending a weekend retreat could be just the ticket to making those things happen for you!! It's 53 or 77 hours, depending on if you choose the 3 day or 4 day option, to do what YOU want to do:

  • bring your laptop and organize your digital images
  • organize your printed photos using our Power Sort process and boxes
  • have concentrated time to do the most important part of your photos... the stories: get inspiration and how-tos
  • work if/when you want to... relax, sleep, eat, watch movies, exercise and whatever else whenever YOU want
  • being immersed in keeping it as meaningful as possible while you "Dare to Be Done" the UNscrapbooking way
  • tips, ideas and strategies shared

And, you will be added to a secret Facebook group so we can get to know/reconnect with each other, as well as share specific prep info, workshops and a series of posts to get you ready to make the most of this retreat!!

[hr][twocol_one][quote]Thank you so much, Barb, for the push to go. I have gotten soooo much done. Working full-time 7 days and having two little ones, I struggle to just organize everything and THINK! I was able to organize and get my first book completed! The food was awesome, and I loved having someone cook for me.   Jackie Lessler[/quote] [/twocol_one]

[twocol_one_last][quote]Finished 2 albums that I have been working on for a year. Completed a whole destination album. The Create-Away Cottage is a fabulous facility. Came to this retreat from Hot Springs, AR and will definitely come again. Connie Lovett[/quote] [/twocol_one_last][hr]


  • 6 (3 day) or 7 (4 day) yummy, chef prepared and home-cooked (NOT by you... or even cleaned up by you...ha!) meals plus snacks
  • your own comfy bed
  • beautiful surroundings which have been remodeled just to enhance the experience of album-makers
  • 6 feet of table space plus a great, plush chair
  • free wi-fi
  • far enough to be "away", yet close enough to be home in an 90 minutes or less for many attendees

[sixcol_one][/sixcol_one] [sixcol_four][box style="rounded" border="full"]When: 3 day- Apr. 7, 9am, thru Apr. 9 @ 2pm OR 4 Day, add Apr. 6, 9am
Where: Welcome Home Retreat - please click on this link to learn all about our retreat location
Openings: 1-30, depending on when you make your reservation
 $225/3 day OR $300/4 day

20{4e12ae94e65750d9079fb32826fce58cf2bdf1fdac443de4655f9a01714d32e8} of fee deposit required at registration, non-refundable after Mar. 5; Balance due and non-refundable by Mar. 5 

To make your reservation, plz call Jackie @ 817.709.6338 or click here to reach Welcome Home Retreat's Contact page

To be with our group, tell Jackie you are with "Barb Orozco's group".                                                                                                                               

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Questions? Plz send email: retreats@thestrategicscrapbook.com