Work With Me

So, maybe you've been following me for a while, read my blog posts, watched my FB Lives and/or attended my classes and 1 or more of these thoughts has crossed your mind:

  1. I'm going to be working on my own albums, using the Essential Oils and/or Mineral Makeup (or any of the many, many product options available within The Companies) anyway, so why not sign up and enjoy a discount rebate?
  2. Making a couple of hundred, or even more, every month helping a few other people along the way might be some nice play money or "pay a bill or 2" money.
  3.  What would it be like to actually do something I really enjoy AND make some serious money?!!

If so, would you like to chat? (If you don't need to read more, just jump over to my scheduler on the right, complete registration and give me a call!)

My whole thought process automatically challenges the status quo and encourages radically rethinking about, well, most everything. This has led me to do 2 things:

  • Turn the scrapbooking world on it's ear and make album-making accessible to everyone.
  • Take the teachings of each of the companies I've joined for access to their products, add to that personal additional investments studying with the best heart-based marketing leaders to be able to serve, not hard-sell, my clients.

I continue to be a life-long learner, which I pass along to my team.

My vision is to partner with and build a team of both men and women who have a desire to serve, not salesy-sell, others with the blessings of photos with stories, essential oils, and/or the other direct sales/MLM options I've curated and determined to be top-quality and in line with my "mind, body, soul" approach. As someone on my team, you are able to choose which product line(s) you wish to focus on and at which level you wish to run your business, with the benefit of not only the best tools but access to my support and unique approaches/processes.

Whether you'd like to bring in an additional couple of hundred dollars a month or want to make a bigger impact, I am here and will match my support to your efforts, as you wish.

Please review the "About" information for each of the 4 companies (aka vendors) in the drop down listed as The Companies whose products I endorse and use within my processes. In order to have access to the products you are interested in representing, you will need to become an associate of that vendor(s). It's easy!

Please access my scheduler to the right and complete it in full. I'm excited to answer your questions and explore how this could be a match for you!

There is very little that feels as good as knowing that what you are doing is positively impacting and empowering your friends and family!