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In 2008, my very 1st social media coach, Jennifer Fong, asks me a very important question:

“If Creative Memories closed, would you still have a business or would your business be closed, too?”

My answer: Can’t imagine Creative Memories ever NOT being in business, but, yes, I would find the best products and software programs available at the time and still be in business teaching MY programs, MY processes/structures and MY “break the mold” approach to how to use photos and stories in our lives”.

Ha! Joke was on me because CM did indeed go into bankrupcy, change hands and re-open as a very streamlined company. And, the whole time, my business continued and evolved into what it is today!

Along that continued evolution, I’m always paying attention to and curating the best products and software programs on the market. Because I don’t produce those physical products or digital programs, I join those companies as a consultant in 1 form or another to have access for my clients and me.

A very unexpected joy for me as I was rebuilding and evolving has been to find top of the line essential oils (with solid business practices), safe mineral makeup and other items which dovetail with the strong mind, body, soul perks I believe and have watched photos with stories provide. It’s just icing on the cake to be able to bring them to my client’s attention, too. It’s a very full circle, holistic environment.

This is where you come in! One of the most fulfilling parts of my life is inspiring men and women of all ages, who love their photos and the difference they can make, to join me in sharing with their family and friends via their own businesses.

Maybe 1 or more of these thoughts have crossed your mind:

  1. I’m going to be working on my own albums anyway, so why not sign up and enjoy a discount rebate.
  2. Making a couple of hundred, or even more, every month helping a few other people along the way might be some nice play money or “pay a bill or 2” money.
  3.  What would it be like to actually do something I really enjoy AND make some serious money?!!

If so, would you like to chat?

I love having both men and women partner with me who have a desire to serve, not salesy-sell, others with the blessings of photos with stories, essential oils and/or the other direct sales/MLM options I’ve curated and determined to be in line with my “mind, body, soul” approach. As someone on my team, you are able to choose which product line you wish your focus to be and which level you wish to run your business, with the benefit of not only the best tools but access to my support and unique approaches/processes.

Whether you’d like to bring in an additional couple of hundred dollars a month or want to make a bigger impact, I am here and will match my support to your efforts, as you wish.

Please review the drop down information for the 4 vendors whose products I endorse and use within my processes. In order to have access to the products you are interested in representing, you will need to become an associate of that vendor(s). It’s easy!

Please access my scheduler to the right and complete it in full. I’m excited to answer your questions and explore how this could be a match for you! Barb

There is very little that feels as good as knowing that what you are doing is positively impacting and empowering your friends and family!

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