Zip Layout: Printed Photos

The Star of the UNscrapbooking system, the Zip Layout process is THE #1 thing that powers and creates success within the UNscrapbooking philosophy and approach. When you use Zip Layout, you will see your photos and stories getting into albums and on your walls in an efficient, doable and maintainable way.

While it's simple, it's not instantaneous. Learning the steps and mindset are key to successfully using this important process.

This lab is structured in a very specific way, based on my experiences teaching it since 2002, and will all but guarantee your success when followed exactly.

In this lab, you will learn:

  • the 4 step Zip Layout process
  • the mindset to go with it
  • plus have time over a 30 day period to implement what you've learned, ask questions and really own the process.

The Zip Layout Kickstart Lab consists of 3 very important parts:

  1. An instructional class on the actual process
  2. 1 group Q&A with me within 30 days of the instructional class
  3. 1 30-minute 1-on-1 Q&A with me within 30 days of the instructional class

Pre-requisites to attend this learning lab:

  • the UNscrapbooking 101: Printed Photo class
  • a specific set of products listed here
  • 1 set (50-150) of printed photos from 1 recent event

Pre-requisites for Registration:

  • If you purchased 1 of 3 kits offered at the UNscrapbooking 101: Printed Photos class DURING that class, you received a coupon code for a free Zip Layout Kickstart Lab (a savings of $297)- enter that code during registration checkout
  • When you purchase 1 of 3 UNscrapbooking kits outside of the UNscrapbooking 101: Printed Photos class, Traditional, Top-Loading or Multi-Pocket, via this link, you will receive a coupon code for $100 off the registration fee
  • You may attend the lab at full price with your own products. Check the required products here. Be sure to bring comparable products or the process I'm teaching WILL NOT work and there are *NO REFUNDS.

Once you have secured the correct collection for you, please register via the scheduler in the right hand column.

*This Kickstart Lab fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person. May be transferred to another lab date.

**All classes, labs, workshops and event dates/times are subject to change.




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