The Photo Rescue™ Lab Membership!

The Photo Rescue™ Lab membership is a unique and exclusive opportunity for Barb’s clients to learn her proprietary story-driven systems: the Zip Media Sort System™ and the Zip Layout Page Completion System™, so they can be in action rescuing their photos & stories and using them as an effective parenitng/relationship tool. 

The focus is on adding stories to your photos, not decorations. The goal is to move from craft-driven photoing to story-driven and purpose-driven photoing with  completed pages/projects. or are currently where Barb has curated the excellent tools. But it’s her systems which power the tools and drive you to success!

This is Barb’s Intellectual Property, which she has been teaching and refining since 2002. 

IF you are ready to put effort into shifting your thinking and learning the systems, what is provided in the lab will be exactly what you need to finally make sense of your photos and bring them to life!

*Historian Tutorials:

*Artisan and the Classic Collage Full Page Bleed Book 1 Templates Tutorials:

**Storage with Historian and Artisan Tutorials:

*BONUS: 3-Piece ONLY
Mega Full Bleed Template Bundle) Additional Tutorials:

**STORAGE BONUS: AutoBooks & Design and Print Bonus Tutorials:

Choosing Online Only:
Storage Tutorials PLUS AutoBooks + Design & Print Tutorials: