Welcome to the Photo Rescue Lab Membership!

These are the tutorials which are included in the monthly lab fee. They provide you with state of the art training on the most efficient and effective systems per tool. One fee gives you access to the tutorials for each tool in which you’ve invested. 

The tutorials are constantly updated and new lessons are added as needed. 
The bonuses are provided to enhance your learning experience. Please take advantage of them!  

You will find the current monthly fee for the lab and the private link to join in the Welcome email you received from Barb, not Forever or Creative Memories, when you purchased your tool(s). 

You’ve purchased the tools! Now, it’s time to learn and use the systems which will have you utilizing the tools to the best of their abilities!!

*Historian Tutorials:

*Artisan and Mix & Match Templates Tutorials:

**Storage with Historian and Artisan Tutorials:

*BONUS: 3-Piece ONLY
Mega Template Bundle) Additional Tutorials:

**BONUS: AutoBooks & Design and Print Bonus Tutorials:

Choosing Online Only:
Storage Tutorials PLUS AutoBooks + Design & Print Tutorials: