Windows Operating System and Windows Partitioned Macs ONLY

How to Order

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  • Offline program with the most robust organization.
  • Exclusive Cross-Referencing Feature for quick photo finding for Traditional and Digital projects.
  • UNlimited ability to add the story, plus was created to lead to finished projects.
  • Offline digital album-making + projects with the most flexibility and speed.
  • Powered by Zip Layout and the UNscrapbooking structure.
  • Highlights the Storied Photos.
  • 1 Set of 140 templates custom created for Artisan 6 & Barb’s exclusive Zip Layout process.
  • Required for Zip Layout… ONLY set ever needed!
  • Templates + Zip Layout = Completed Pages and Projects

$359.98* + tax

Join the Photo Rescue Lab ($1100+ VALUE) FOR $7/month, regardless of how many tools you invest in. 

Historian Trainings:

Historian Coaching:

$600+ in training and coaching

Artisan and Mix & Match Templates Trainings:

Artisan and Mix & Match Templates Coaching:

$500+ in trainings and coaching

3-Piece (Historian/Artisan/Mega Bundle) Additional Bonus Training: