Imagine bringing in a speaker who is able to inspire your group to say those same things… someone who can connect, inspire and share in a truly engaging manner and leave them wanting more! 

That’s what Barb does through relateable stories, concrete examples and actionable information. 

"When I arrived for this presentation, I was feeling tired and distracted, but when I left, I felt inspired and encouraged!" Elizabeth Fung

Barb helps her audience see the possibilities and tool for connection they have using something they already own (photos and digital images) but feel overwhelmed by. She helps them understand the untapped advantage they can be for tangible connection with the people they care about, without EVER being crafty. Most everyone takes and has lots of photos and feels frustrated and overwhelmed by them. Barb makes it possible for them to reverse their thinking and take back the power over them. 

All while having a great time!!