Kickstart Labs

You've attended one or both of the UNscrapbooking classes and are ready to do the hands-on processes for getting your photos/digital images organized and into albums. These Kickstart Labs are the "how-to" of this system which will have you in action and completely empowered.

This is how this works:

  • each lab is listed in the right hand column.
  • click on the link for each lab for more information, pricing and access.

Remember, if you've purchased your collection from me, you already have access to the labs which came with your collection.

If you haven't purchased your collection from me, you may use the link on each Lab page to purchase the Kickstart Lab.

Please note: all of the items from the related collection are required in order to implement what is taught in each Lab. Once a Lab is purchased, there is a NO REFUND policy, no exceptions. And, once software and/or physical products are purchased, the return policy is based on Creative Memories' and Forever's return policies.