When we look through the lens of our camera/smart phone and snap the photo or record a video, most of us have a plan for what we’ll do with the photo/video, which rarely, ever happens… UNLESS that plan was to leave them clogging up our phones or filling the hard drive space of our computers.

Looking at images or watching videos on our phones has become the usual occurance. Might work for us to a degree, but how does that benefit our families?

Over the last 14 years, do you know the #1 reason my clients have shared with me for not getting their photo into albums even though they would love to? They aren’t creative. Who said they have to be creative? I can answer that… the marketing divisions of scrapbooking companies.

Well, guess what? It’s not true. It’s just plain BS. And, there’s a bunch of other lies that keep us feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

If you are someone who wants to actually enjoy your photos and make them easily accessible to your family, in their laps, on the walls or on the bottom shelf of your bookshelf, I’ll help you neutralize, at least, the #1 thing that stops you and show you the easiest way to get your photos/images out of hiding and into your life, in a way which is doable and maintainable.

You won’t have to quit your job or wait till you retire to find time to do it!

My systems and processes are no nonsense and work!

You will need Artisan 5 and the Mix and Match Mega Bundle 1 templates for this part of the 4-part 360° Photo Ecosystem.  You may find them by click this button: