Digital Print Shop

Lots of places print digital books, cards and projects and, most of the time, the finished product looks nice. This is a situation where you literally cannot judge a book’s quality by it’s cover. 

This is the quality I urge you to request and demand in your finished and published photo books/storybooks holding your precious photos and stories:

  • acid-free and lignin-free pages
  • binding which is side-stitched with twine (not metal staples which some call “threads)
  • when glue is used, it is ONLY PUR GLUE, NEVER HOT GLUE
  • ink which has a 200 year dark storage rating compared with a maximum of 100 years for traditional photo processing (silver halide).

This is the quality which Forever Printing guarantees. I won’t use anything else, and I’ve tried other companies. 

I’m standing by to help you with your digital images and stories!!!!

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