Ordering your digital collection and accessing your Labs/Bonuses and Perks is a 3 step process: 

Step 1:

Please review the 3-piece collection below.

Step 2:

Ordering: choose “Do It Myself” (watch this self-ordering video: How to Order on Your Own) or “Do It for Me” (click on this link to schedule a 15 minute appointment with Barb to order).

Step 3:

Gaining access to the Membership site and your Labs, bonuses and perks.

Step 1: The UNscrapbooking 3-Piece Digital Collection

Historian 4

Digital Organization
$ 79

PC or MAC with PC-side activated: 32 or 64 bit

Artisan 5

Digital Album-making
$ 79

PC or MAC with PC-side activated: 64 bit only

Mix and Match Mega Bundle 1

Digital Album-making
$ 60

PC or MAC with PC-side activated: 64 bit only

Historian Bonuses:

The Historian Bootcamp Tutorials

a set of 20 pdfs teaching set up, organizing and backup ($49 value)

The Historian Workspace Overview video:

this overview helps you feel confident working in this software ($49 value)

The Power Sort with Historian Kickstart Lab:

follow the steps demonstrated in this lab to have your images organized and accessible in 30 sec. or less ($149 value) 

Artisan Bonuses:

The Artisan 5 Workspace Overview video:

this overview gives you the knowledge you need to know your way around the software ($49 value)

The UNscrapbooking with Zip Layout Kickstart Lab:

this is the extended version teaching the a-mazing process which is the key to going from images to storied photos in print over and over again  ($297 value)

Collection-only Bonuses:


The Project Prep with Historian video:

use this process to get those images you want ready to get into an album ($97 value)

1 60-minute or 2 30-minute Private Q&A(s)

get Barb’s brain on your images and learning progress, expires 30 days from collection purchase ($250 value)

Additional Perks:

Tutorial bonuses available for lifetime access (priceless)

Inclusion in our private Facebook group, Know2Grow

this group is dedicated to you and other active clients for ongoing support (priceless)

12 FREE monthly K2G Q&A group calls, 1 per month:

get Barb’s focus on your questions plus learn from other’s questions ($996/year, expires 12 months from collection purchase)

*$219.90, plus applicable tax

Includes $1934+ in bonuses/perks


Decide which ordering option you prefer:

Do It Myself:


  • click each of the buttons in the product sections above to connect directly to each product page. Add each one to your checkout cart and complete your purchase. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to qualify for the valuable bonuses listed above as well as further support from Barb, the order must be placed showing the name, Barb Orozco, as your Forever Ambassador)

Do It with Barb:

  • you prefer assistance with ordering to be sure to get it right as quickly as possible and qualify for every related bonus. Simply,  
    • schedule an up-to-15 minute “Ordering My Collection” appointment with Barb via this link: Ordering My Collection When scheduling your appointment, please be sure to complete all required fields and to answer the short questionnaire.

We look forward to calling you at the day/time you’ve reserved!


Within 24 hours of receiving notification from Forever of your qualifying order, you will receive a Welcome email with links to do 3 things: 

  • create your account in our membership for access to your tutorials
  • sign up to join our FB tech support group 
  • and access 2 links to take advantage of the very important pre-work. Please dive into this pre-work while you wait for the following… 

Within 24 hours of you creating your membership login, my team will: 

  • unlock access to the bonuses which come with your investment.

Because the products come from the Forever company, not directly from Barb, at this time, the 2 systems cannot be connected and is all manual. This is the most streamline process possible.

It will be worth the inconvenience of this wait.

Please be sure to make the most of this wait time by taking advantage of the additional learning via the pre-work in the 1st email.

Thanks SO much for your patience!


As these are digital products created and sold by Forever.com, they are subject to the Forever.com return policy. Here is an excerpt:

“Due to the nature of digital downloads, all Digital Art, Software, and Digital Ambassador Kit sales are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, or returned.”

To review the entire policy, please click here. Please be sure you have the correct bit-size and operating systems in place for each digital program. To verify your PC and Apple Mac bit size, follow these directions here

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