Do you have people in your life whom you care about deeply?

Would you love them to see themselves as you see them?

How would having an unfair advantage to being heard by them sound to you?

And, do you have piles of photos or tons of digital images just lying around which could help you do those things (and more!)?

Wait, what?!! What do photos have to do with any of this?


And, Barb will help you see how through personal stories, humor and a deep understanding of what really matters.

During her no-nonsense talk on how they can reach, connect with and support the people they love like never before, she will capture your group’s attention and teach them actionable tips, cutting through the bs most of us have been sold about our photos.

They will leave knowing that it has nothing to do with art projects and everything to do with the heart. They will not only be inspired but empowered to let those they love know they are seen, they are heard and who they are matters… without breaking a sweat!

To receive more information or to schedule a group talk, please complete the “Contact Me” form to the right and Barb will contact you within 24 hours.