Digital Conversion, aka Vintage Media Rescued

Do you have:

  • media which you can no longer enjoy due to obsolete/incompatible formats?
  • media you’d love to have copies of or digitized for family members or just for safe keeping?
  • traditional album pages you’d love to have multiple copies of?

Converting your media with Forever’s Concierge of Conversion Services could be the answer for YOU!!

A few years ago, I found myself with a whole lot of tapes, films and slides with no way to enjoy them. I wish I’d known about Forever’s media conversion services. At that time, I thought the business I chose to convert over $3,000 worth of media was the best. I had no idea that something better existed… Forever Digital Conversion Services!

Since then, I’ve compared Forever’s services with several of the so called TOP conversion services, including the one I used, and I now realize I used a less expensive company and got what I paid for… less perks and overall quality than I would have received with Forever. 

That’s why Forever Digital Conversion Services are they only place I’m comfortable suggesting my clients use for their precious media! 

See for yourself: 

  1. Forever removes the “heads & tails” of each video. That means there will not be 5 minutes of static at the beginning of your video, or 3.5 hours of blank tape at the end. They cut JUST the video. Their team skims through the entire tape’s capture and any “blank, static, or blue screen” greater than 5-8 seconds gets removed (actually they aim to eliminate every single second of unused or static tape, but no guarantees on that!). This process alone puts Forever ahead of most any competitor in the US (a lot of places truly just put in the tape, press play, and then the tape is done converting, just presses export, and that’s what you get).
  2. Forever employs color-grading by adjusting RGBs (red/green/blue) to give it a more “true to the day it was shot” look. The team also adjusts Brightness and Contrast levels, as well. They fix what age and time have done to the colors and appearance of the VHS tape. 
  3. Forever sizes & scales the video to full-screen where possible. That means they adjust the tape, so it’s centered, and, where possible, the tracking lines that traditionally are found on the tops and bottoms of the tape are cropped out giving a more “pleasant to the eye” playback of your footage. Again, they are fixing what time and age has done to the appearance of your tape as it went through your VCR.  
  4. Forever adjusts the audio, remixing/mastering the levels and equalizing sound to match today’s industry standards. They raise the volume on the audio on quiet tapes and eliminate any high-pitched “buzzing and hissing” that you would traditionally come to expect with tapes that are 20+ years. old. Through my information gathering, I found that Forever is the ONLY company which offers this service, and they offer it on EVERY SINGLE TAPE they convert. 
  5. To the best of their ability, on Extended Play (EP) tapes, they resync audio, so voices match the lips that are speaking on them. In EP recorded tapes, the audio and video tend to unsync over time(audio plays back at normal speed but the video lags about 1/6th of a second), which can be annoying to watch. 
  6. Forever offers minor repairs on any and all tapes which need them. They are told quite often that a client’s tapes were “unplayable” at their homes or their tapes are actually broken. They have a team of techs who repair and clean most tape issues. More involved repairs/restorations are available for any hours fee. 
  7. You can receive assistance from your own personal Forever Ambassador (ME!!) to help with any questions, and/or you may speak with someone at the conversion center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, if needed. 

Everything in this list is exclusive to our Forever Digital Conversion Services!