Barb Orozco Unscrpbooking Structure™ Zip Layout Process™



Here’s your chance get your photos out of hiding once and for all! 

Monday, April 26th-Friday, April 30th 

You will:

The UNscrapbooking Process in Action

"Your UNscrapbooking process has me setting my photos free and has given me a tool to make my love more visible."
Ing Antoinette
"I followed the Zip Layout process exactly and completed a book with stories in 3 days."
Corrine Lawrence
Wife and Mom

A Note From Your Host

Hello Wonderful Rescuer! I’m Barb Orozco, Scrapbooking Disruptor, Storied Photos Strategist and recovering perfectionist.  Since 2002, I’ve been helping parents and people with photos just like you to STOP hiding their photos in their phones and START using my mindset shifts, processes and systems to get them onto album pages, so their stories can be enjoyed AND they can be used as the heart-based secret weapon that they are to let their friends, family and especially their kids have tangible proof that they are seen, they are heard and WHO they are matters, without spending even 1 second decorating pages.  

In my own journey, I discovered how easily I was sucked into the scrapbooking lies and deferred my own power to the beliefs of the so-called “photo experts” and scrapbook marketing companies AND, subsequently, how hard it was to break free of them.

In 2003, when I learned the truth, I committed to pulling back the curtain on the scrapbooking industry and the lies which have held our photos hostage and developed systems, strategies and mindset support to put us back in touch with and in charge of our photos and stories… fully empowered!! 

While craft-driven scrapbooking is 1 way of doing it, it is not THE way of doing it. 

I am dedicated to creating communities of support for parents and others with photos who want to shift from following traditional, craft-driven album making to story (heart)-driven album making, which clears their photo mess and unleashing their storied photos’ magic!

This 5-day Rescue is designed to open you up to seeing the container you are functioning within now, where and why it may not be serving you, and what is possible for you to accomplish with your photos and stories by stepping outside of that box.

By showing up and working each day of this 5 Day Rescue, you will develop your own Rescue Plan by Day 5 and actually BE IN ACTION with your photos/digital images!

My intention is that you know and feel totally confident that YOU were never the reason your photos were staying stuck! 

I can’t wait to share with you the doable steps it takes to go from Mess to Magic! 

Love, Barb