You probably know someone who has lost some photos/digital images via a computer crash, damaged or lost cell phone, fire or another way.

You probably have printed photos and digital images you care very much about keeping safe.

You might be the unofficial “Keeper of the Family Heritage Photos”, having inherited all of the precious photos.

Most people with photos don’t understand:

  • what it means to properly backup their photos
  • that most places online where we “think” we are backuping up our images safely aren’t safe at all
  • that free isn’t really free
  • that media formats do change and what do we do then?

I have identified the safest and most long-term backup, storage and format conversion possibilities at this time.

Attending a learning opportunity will empower you with this knowledge, so you can dramatically decrease the chances you will ever be surprised or devastated by a loss.

This is an important part of the 4 part 360° Photo Ecosystem! 

Take a look at this comparison chart to see how Forever stacks up against other companies.