Do you have:

  • media which you can no longer enjoy due to obsolete/incompatible formats?
  • media you’d love to have copies of or digitized for family members or just for safe keeping?
  • traditional album pages you’d love to have multiple copies of?

Converting your media with Forever’s Concierge of Conversion Services could be the answer for YOU!!

A few years ago, I found myself with a whole lot of tapes, films and slides with no way to enjoy them. I wish I’d known about Forever’s media conversion services then.

At that time, I thought the business I chose to convert over $3,000 worth of media was the best. I had no idea that something better existed… Forever Media Conversion Services!

Since then, I’ve compared, and continue to compare, Forever’s services with other conversion services, including Legacy Box and iMemories, plus the company I used for my conversions, and I now realize I used a less expensive company and got what I paid for… less perks and overall quality than I would have received with Forever and my clients currently receive. 

Because this is 1 of the important parts of the 360° Photo Ecosystem,  Forever Media Service is the only place I’m comfortable suggesting my clients use for their precious media, and I am using now for additional media which I’ve found. 

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