If you are the type of parent who reads books, takes classes and puts energy into creating the healthiest of relationships with your kids, photos with stories could be the missing tool in your parenting toolbox.

Photos and Stories combined are one of the most effective strategies for connection, relationship and influence ever created!

We are sitting on an untapped gold mine for:

  • Healthy communication
  • Love and Belonging… 2 of the most important needs everyone craves.
  • Helping the people we care about know, in very tangible ways, how much we see them, hear them and that who they are matters.
  • Teaching your values, lessons learned and important life stories in a highly captivating way.

When I realized the superpowers of my storied photos, getting over all the things which kept me from getting my photos into albums became imperative. And teaching others how they can have this “untapped advantage” in their relationships has been and is my top priority.

Strategically adding words and story, instead of using up valuable time decorating around photos, THAT’S what matters.

Photos grab attention; Stories capture hearts!!