Welcome to TEAM Influence! So happy you’ve made the decision to join us to work your business your way, including as a personal use team member. You are now an official Influencer!

Why the name, TEAM Influence? Because whether you are a personal use team member or part-time/full-time team member, everything we do is about INFLUENCING our family, friends, and clients to radically rethink their assumptions and the way they’ve always done things, e.g. photos, essential oils, makeup, etc., so they are making informed decisions and thriving!

This is our private team area, where you will find info to orient yourself to our team, marketing training and other things of interest.

The Beginning:

To join the team, 1st, you determined which company, or companies (which I usually refer to as vendors) you would sign up with and which level of business you want to run:

  1. Full time
  2. Part time
  3. Personal use

You can always add and subtract a vendor/business focus at any time because you are the boss of your business! Each of the vendors has their own training departments, webinars, FB groups, conventions, rules & regulations, plus more, which I encourage you to take advantage of and be plugged into depending on your level of business activity. You will not find me repeating each vendor’s current sales, incentives, things to know, etc., except for some stand out pieces of info whenever it makes sense to do so.

Support and Coaching:

As a personal use team member, I invite you to participate in as many learning opportunities provided by the vendor(s) you are associated with and especially any training/events/activities of our team. One of the major reasons personal use team members join this team is because of my “challenge the status quo” and radically rethought proprietary approaches to album-making, the EOs, etc. It’s wonderful having a circle of like-minded people to work toward your project goals/investigate and use the many additional products.

Additionally, as a part of our team, my job is to support and coach you as much or as little as your business activity/desire indicates.

You, as the business owner, may choose to follow the vendor(s) business approach exactly as they are encouraging you to or may modify it to suit your preferences. Again, I will match my level of support to your level of business activity/desire for coaching.

Some of you, though, have joined this team specifically because of my unique business approach, especially as it applies to album-making, for both printed photos and digital images, and also as it applies to the other vendor product options. The perk for you as a team member is that core philosophies and processes which others pay to learn from me, you can learn for free and be able to apply in your own businesses. 

Best Next Step: