The Photo Rescue™ Lab Membership: Printed Photos

The Lab Backstory:

The Photo Rescue™ Lab membership is a unique and exclusive opportunity for Barb’s clients to learn her proprietary story-driven systems: the Mess2Managed™ Media Sort System and the Zip Layout™ Page Completion System, so they can UNhide Their Photos™ to Make Their Photos Matter™. 

It is not a product of or It is Barb’s Intellectual Property developed and refined since 2002. And, it works… if you work it!

The focus is on getting to story-driven and purpose-driven completed projects, not decorating pages, aka crafting. 

If you are ready to put effort into making your photos matter, what is provided in the lab will show you the way!

2 Options for Joining the Lab: FREE or Paid

Option 1: FREE… pay yourself

As you are learning the systems and putting them into action, you will be:

  1. Completing storied pages/projects and getting them printed
  2. Needing additional Storage to store and share your pages/projects.

What better way to plan for this than by setting up your own “savings account”, also known as the Forever® Club, which you may use to support your photoing progress! Here are all of the details and perks of the Club: Forever® Club

By joining the Forever® Club, which begins at $25/month, Barb will gift you the Photo Rescue™ Lab membership for FREE for every month you remain a member. 

It’s a total Win for you! 

Option 2: pay Barb

The current monthly membership rate is $37/month and gives you all of the Lab and Bonuses, but no Forever® Club perks.

You may terminate your membership at any time. 

Once you’ve joined the Forever® Club at your preferred level OR decided to do the monthly “Pay Barb” plan, send an email to Barb at: to let her know to send you the link to complete the Lab purchase, and, if you are a Club member, the discount code to make it FREE!

Invested in Historian/Artisan/Storage/CM Tools, but Not Through Barb?

You may still join the Lab and enjoy all of the perks for $497/month, plus tax where it applies. 

Mess2Manage™ Sort System for Printed Photos Tutorials:

Mess2Manage™ Sort System for Historian Tutorials:

*Mess2Manage™ Sort System for Storage Tutorials:

UNscrap Printed Photo Collection Tutorials:


~ 2-Piece (Historian/UNscrap Printed Photos Collection) Additional Bonus Tutorials:

~2-Piece (Storage/UNscrap Printed Photos Collection) Additional Bonus Tutorials:

*AutoBooks + Design & Print Tutorials: Included in Storage Purchase