Before you take the quiz, read this, plz....

This quiz has been created based on my own experience and thinking regarding my photos AND my experience working with clients since 2002. It will give you VERY valuable insight into how your thinking is affected by the current scrapbook brainwashing, myths and lies… and to what degree, if any, you have been influenced.  

But, it will only do this if you answer based on the truth of your thinking. I’ve noticed that sometimes quiz takers have answered how they think I want them to answer. Doing so will render this quiz useless. 

CONFESSION: If I was taking this quiz prior to my revelations about scrapbooking on Feb. 1, 2003, I promise you I would have scored at the deepest, most intense level of stinkin’ thinkin’ possible! I believed it all and had a huge mess of printed photos on my hands. Thankfully, once digital images came into being, I was able to apply what I’d learned and avoid the digital mess. My systems work!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll receive the results, which will give you valuable information! 

So, when you start the quiz, please read each statement and click on the answer which is the best match for you. Don’t overthink it. Don’t ponder it. Just go with your first impulse. 

And, then be sure to take advantage of the free offer described in Your  Results to better understand how your thinking is helping or hindering you and decide your best next move.