I’m excited to start supporting you as you are making the most of your photos and stories via this collection and the Zip Layout process.

Because the bonuses are connected to the complete collection, it is important to order the correct items, in the correct amount. To help ensure that you are successful, I have clearly spelled out the steps to follow and which items to order for the collection.

Also, if you’d like to add either or both of the organizing options to this order, those instructions are below following the Creative Memories Refund Policy.

If you change your mind and would like me to do the ordering WITH you OR you have questions, please click on this link to set an appointment asap: Ordering My Collection.

Let’s Begin….

*To reach my CM site, click on this link: Barb’s CM website (this will open in another tab to make it easier for you to work with this page and the CM ordering pages side by side.

*Please be sure my name and photo are in the right-hand corner of the page.

Traditional UNscrapbooking Collection

*Please follow these paths to access the collection items:

  1. Click this direct link: Power Layout Kit OR follow this path: “Shop”>click on “Storage and Totes” under “TOOLS, ADHESIVES, STORAGE & PENS”>hover on “Power Layout Kit” (aka Zip Layout kit) (Sku: 655855)>click “Add to Cart”($29)- 1
  2. Click this direct link: Product Tote OR stay in that sub-category and scroll down to “Product Tote” (Sku: 241100)>click “Add to Cart” ($59)- 1
  3. Click this direct link: Black Dual-Tip Pen OR on the “Pens” sub-category and scroll down to the “Black Dual-Tip Pen” (Sku: 655669)>hover and click “Add to Cart” ($3.50)- 1
  4. Click this direct link: The Tape Runner OR on the “Adhesives” sub-category>scroll to “The Tape Runner” (Sku: 648420) ($9.50)- 1
  5. Click this direct link: Personal Trimmer OR on the “Trimmers & Blades” sub-category>scroll down to “Personal Trimmer” (Sku: 625724) ($24.50)- 1
  6. Click this direct link: 12×12 Bookcloth Album Covers OR go back to Shop>click on the “ALBUM COVER” category>click on “12X12 Bookcloth Album Covers“>scroll down to the solid color album cover ($28.50) of your choice>hover your cursor over the cover and click on “Add to Cart” (you may add any of the $35.50 12×12 album covers instead for an additional $7)- order 1
  7. Choose the page color and click the corresponding direct link OR hover over “Shop”>click on the subcategory “Refill Pages with Protectors” and choose & order 2 of 1 color: 
    1. Click this direct link: White Refill Pages and Protectors (Sku: 654529) (order 2 @ $29.50 each=$59)  OR
    2. Click this direct link: Spargo Refill Pages and Protectors (Sku: 654709) (order 2 @ $29.50 each=$59)  OR
    3. Click this direct link: Natural Refill Pages and Protectors (Sku: 654801) (order 2 @ $29.50 each=$59)
  8. On checkout screen, add any “coupon codes” you may have, create your login if you haven’t already, and then complete your purchase, being sure “Barb Orozco” is listed as your CM Advisor.

Sub-total should be $213*

Shipping and applicable taxes will be added at checkout.

*CM Refund Policy

As these are physical products created and sold by CreativeMemories.com, they are subject to the Creative Memories return policy. Here is an excerpt:

“Advisors and customers are encouraged to choose products carefully. If an item is ordered in error, the Company will endeavor to exchange that item with a comparable item. The shipping and handling to return the item and have a new item shipped will be at the customer’s expense.”

To review the entire policy, please click here