Screw Scrapbooking!



I am finally saying it right out loud, and it’s been a long time coming.

Everytime I hear someone say, “Oh, scrapbooking, I could never do that”, when I didn’t even said the word “scrapbooking”, I scream “Screw Scrapbooking” inside. I know I’m not talking about THAT scrapbooking, not the way they are thinking of it.

After last week at the vendor fair, I knew I could no longer keep it to myself!

Oh, I know what you are thinking. It’s either: Thank goodness! Someone finally said it!

Or: Really Barb? Why are you being so vulgar? Saying it in such an abrasive way? (or some derivative of this)

I even question myself: why do I have to say it that way? why do I want to open myself up to criticism for saying it that way? Seriously, Barb, don’t do it!

And, then, I remember what “Scrapbooking” is costing so many, maybe even you:

  • It’s costing parents the secret weapon all those photos and stories can be to influence and be the connection with their kids that they need, especially when we don’t even know they are needing it right then.
  • It’s costing kids the chance to have tangible evidence that pages of photos and stories can be that they are seen, they are heard and WHO they are matters.
  • It’s costing couples the reminder their photos and stories can be of the things that brought them together to begin with, why they love each other and all the good times… especially during the not so good times.
  • It’s costing all of the decorative scrapbookers the blessings their photos and especially stories can be because, as they tell me over and over again, by the time they finish decorating page after page in their books, they don’t have the time or energy to add THE words someone they love might have needed to hear.
  • It’s costing all of you who try your best to Scrapbook your photos and stories and just can’t, the secret sauce your photos and stories can be to your relationships.
  •  And, it’s causing many of you to doubt yourselves, even blame yourselves, that it is some weakness in you that you just can’t scrapbook.

I risk saying “Screw Scrapbooking” because the brainwashing of the scrapbook companies has such a death grip on most of us that we either keep our photos/images hidden in our phones or dump them into Facebook, almost always without the story!

In this world today, we cannot afford to miss out on the unfair advantage our photos and stories can be for us.

So, what is the brainwashing about Scrapbooking that stops us time and time again? It’s the belief that we have to create crafty, decorated pages around our photos to be doing the “right” thing with them.

Really? We have to turn it into an art project? That’s nuts!

And, that’s exactly what the next 4 blog posts will be about… exposing the CRAZY, how it happened and what we are going to do about it!

Next Steps:

  1. take the quiz to the right, Heart or Art, which also signs you up for tips and updates, to see how much you are buying into the crafty approach to your own photos.
  2. Then, request a “Best Next Steps” chat with me to find out more about how you can reclaim and make the most of your photos.

And, share, plz, in a comment below, is this speaking to you? What would you be doing with your photos if you didn’t have to turn it into an art project?

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6 thoughts on “Screw Scrapbooking!”

  1. You go girl! I remember the first time I heard you speak at a Beaty PTA meeting in 2003 or 4. You were right on target. You are terrific! Good luck! ❤️Marlene

    1. Thank you so much, Marlene! I bet that was in 2003, right? My message has never wavered… just my willingness to go very public and risk criticism. Now, bring on the critics… don’t care! I’m clear that “my people”, like you, will get it. Not worried about the rest. Thanks again, Marlene!

  2. Great…would say “glad you have found your voice” but that doesn’t sound right…maybe ” glad you are speaking your truth out loud”!!!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Pat!! Yes, right out loud, over and over and over again, from this point moving forward. Appreciate your support!

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