In our last entry, I shared with you what scrapbooking was meant to be in the beginning, how it evolved and the myths which occurred from that plus where we stand now. My quest continues to be the debunking of our assumptions or myths about photo organization and album-making, aka scrapbooking, so the amazing perk from this to positively affect our relationships is attainable by all.

For some, emphasis on moderately to extremely decorated pages is the perfect match for them, and my job is to keep the creative ideas flowing along with the get-it-done processes they may desire. For others, serving them best means helping them break out of the brainwashing they may have experienced regarding their photos and related processes… yes, the myths, so they are free to focus on photos and stories on a page!

Based on research accumulated by Creative Memories (hereafter known as CM), this is how we know that the interest level breaks down, approximately:

If you are wondering which of the first 3 groups you fit into, do this activity with me and share your preference via the poll at the end:

Pretend for a moment that I know where your parents live, where you grew up.  I went up to the attic and found 2 albums they completed for YOU!!

If I told you that you could only have ONE of the two albums, which ONE would you choose?


What does your choice mean about your album-making style? Check “Part 2” of this 2 part series of posts to find out!

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  1. You bet I would choose album 1! And my children have done the same thing. Even when they were just 2 years old, they would bring our albums to me and say, “Read, Mommy!”

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