Which version of scrapbooking do you think I think is the right one? If you’ve read the last 3 blog posts, especially Screw Scrapbooking, you probably are saying story-based scrapping. If so, you’d be mistaken.

The scrapbooking industry’s marketing machine has been extremely successful at brainwashing many of us. I’ve finally had to take a very strong stand to:

  • grab people’s attention and
  • re-educate to shift their thinking.

When I’ve said “screw scrapbooking” in group talks and classes, people’s heads have literally snapped up with eyes on me. It works!

Most of us have no clue how the photos we have can be extremely effective tools in our lives. And, so many opportunities to make the difference you want to make for your families are lost.

Some of the benefits of craft-driven scrapbooking are:

  • emotional and psychological therapy/health
  • need for artistic release experienced

Some of the benefits of story-driven scrapbooking are:

  • tangible evidence of love, connection, belonging, being noticed and more
  • improved medical care
  • improved medical evaluations
  • improved reading and writing skills and desire
  • positive psychology
  • lasting impact on well-being
  • gratitude+valuing=transformative nature of appreciation
  • the right words at the right time (they are tangibly written for whenever they are needed)
  • affirming and self-esteem building
  • character development

Because there are so many more benefits in the story-driven column, does that mean it’s more “right” than craft-driven? Not necessarily.

What it does mean is they serve different purposes. One version of scrapbooking will accomplish a certain goal differently than the other. One will be more right for you given your time, purpose and desires and can change per project.

My goal is to not let one (crafty-driven) stop you from doing the other (story-driven). It’s for you to know the truth.

It’s seemed as though crafty cannibalized story since 1980. Not anymore!

STORY is back!!

It’s important to know how your photos and stories can be used, so you can make informed decisions about what you want to do with them.

You have choices.

One of my choices is to have a blog/website and business devoted to the difference story driven photos can make. Another is in helping crafty scrappers devote more of their scrapbooking real-estate (page) to telling the story.

Many of my audiences as well as my clients are surprised to learn the benefits of story-driven scrapping. They thought their photos and stories were just good for a hobby and memories.

How about you? Share below which ones speak to you the most, please. Also, let me know which one(s) you’d like to learn about more.

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