In the last post, I shared how I saw some similarities between the “Horse Whisperer“, the “Dog Whisperer” and how we deal with our photos/images. They rehabilitate horses and dogs, respectively, while training their owners and photo solution consultants like me rehabilitate photos/images while training their owners.

Let’s see how:

Rehabilitating Photos = Our photos/digital images aren’t the problem. It’s what we think we have to do with them in order to get them into something in which to enjoy them, i.e. the decorating, the chronological ordering, the perfect handwriting, as well as other time consuming and self-imposed myths, which keeps us STUCK. So, debunking the myths is a huge step in rehabilitating our photos/images.

Train Their Owners = After identifying what’s been keeping us stuck with our photos/images, it’s time to match organizing and “getting them out of hiding” (i.e. types of albums, Everyday Display Boards, etc.) systems to our, the owner’s, needs/desires. All while learning (here’s the “training” part!) do-able processes such as Zip Layout, Power Layout, plus more choices for getting it done and staying in the “Land of Success” as we move forward.

By doing the above, we have enough energy and focus to do what really does matter the most: using our words to make a difference with those we care about and love. Yes, there’s a process (training) for this, too, which helps us go from just captions to meaningful, make a difference writing.

Now, we can share all the great ideas in the world about what and how to write meaningfully, but if we are still stuck in the myths, it’s next to impossible to move forward to do the writing. So, if you are still feeling frozen and unable to move past “stuck”, here are a few action steps:

* go back and read the first few postings in this blog

* attend some of my upcoming online or in person trainings (soon to be listed in this blog; consider subscribing for the updates))

* read “The Power of a Positive Mom” or any of the books or free resources by Jim and Charles Fay of Love and Logic to see what’s important to convey to our kids through our writing and what’s at stake if we don’t move beyond being stuck.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, please share how? If you think I’m crazy, you can add your thoughts on that, too. Either way, let’s get some discussion going so we all are moving forward.

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