My son, Brian, fully involved in a SB!
My 26 year old son, Brian, fully involved in a SB!

Do you crave a way to truly connect with your kids on an ongoing basis?

Do you have “lessons learned” from your own mistakes or failures which knowing could help your child as she navigates her world?

Do you wish your child saw himself as you see him with all the strength and support that would give him?

Are there values and family stories you know are important to be learned and passed on?

What about helping your child see the God Moments in her life; really seeing her “faith-in-action”?

Like me, you have probably sought ways to capture your child’s attention in order to accomplish any of those things yet have found your efforts inconsistently effective at best. Talking and lecturing will only go so far… usually in one ear and out the other. We know our kids learn best by actions and behaviors they see modeled for them consistently. And, we aren’t always around to “teach, model and support” when our kids may need it. In my world of “digital storybooking and hybrid scrapbooking”, I have found the most amazing and untapped “secret weapon” in our parenting toolbelt; one which has challenged the myths of scrapbooking and has given me passion and determination to bring to you… the secret weapon of photos AND, more importantly, the strategic use of words and stories!

How are you striving to shape your children’s development? What lessons, values, character traits or faithbuilding are you wanting to instill in your kids? Leave a comment sharing your goals as a parent or someone important in the life of a child.

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