This blog is about you and helping you make a difference with those you care about…. making them, and you, the stars of the story. It’s truly one of the most, if not THE most, important uses of our photos/digital images. I hope you will make your voice heard by taking a minute to review the list and placing your vote for all  of the  options you’d like me to be sure to post about in the coming weeks. Here we go…

Thank you for sharing your preference(s). Can’t wait to see which ones get the most votes! Don’t see an option you’d like to hear more about? Hope you wrote it in….. looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

Image Credit: HansKristian

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    1. Thank you, Molly, for urging me on! Will do… and will write the blog posts you’ve requested about how to start album-making with young kids. Thanks!

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