In the last post, I asked you to take a poll to identify your album-making style preferences, regardless of digital storybooking and/or scrapbooking focus, by choosing album #1 or album #2?

Before we get to what your choice means, please think about your answer and ask yourself if your answer really reflects your preferences or if it’s more about how you may have been brainwashed into thinking about it. Just take a second, check in and make sure your answer is really your answer. It’s very important to do this and, if you need my help in finding your own perspective, just let me know. I’m happy to help you! Okay, ready to move on?

Now, what does your choice mean?

If you chose #1 (example below), you are choosing story and impact.You value meaning instead of decoration. This is the most streamlined and efficient way to get your photos and stories into your life.Thanksgiving 2007 - Page 035

If you chose #2 (example below), you are someone for whom the look of the page and probably the process of creating the decoration/patterns matters most to you. This tends to be the most time-consuming approach to album-making.Monica Koepfer

And, if you tried to choose only one album but just couldn’t, your album-making style is a strong combination of the two versions.

Why does knowing this matter? Because it frees you to be laser focused in establishing a process which is a match for your preferences! What’s important here is that you are able to recognize the style which is a match for you, own that and stand strong in that knowledge. It decreases the clutter of “shoulds and woulds”, which often keeps us paralyzed in inactivity.

Which style is your preference? Do you have an enjoyable, efficient process for making progress in your albums? If so, please share it in the comment section below.

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