Welcome to the Untapped Advantage lineup of core classes! If it’s time to reconnect to your photos and/or digital images and bring them into your life, these classes will provide a head first dive into a whole different way to think about, work with and make the most of them.

These FREE classes are for you if:

  • you’ve avoided doing anything with your printed photos/digital images because “who wants to deal with the mess anyway?”
  • you aren’t creative, and by that you really mean you aren’t crafty. Good news, no craftiness EVER!
  • you are tired of having/taking photos/digital images and keeping them in hiding, especially that 1 special set.
  • you have lots of videos, film reels, slides, etc. which are just taking up space because their formats are obsolete.
  • you’d love to tap into the unrealized advantage your photos and stories could give you in your relationships, but you 1st need to get those photos under your control.

During a brisk up-to-90 minute romp through what is possible, I will:

  • flip your mindset about “scrapbooking” on it’s ear… it’s actually the opposite of what you think it is!
  • show you clear possibilities for organizing, converting, enjoying AND protecting your printed photos or digital images.
  • enable you to see which options are the best for you.
  • guide you to know your “best next steps” for that 1 special set of photos/images.
  • answer your questions.

Tip: the best place to start is always with one or both of the UNscrapbooking 101 classes and then sign up for the Convert2Connect class and the Store2Protect class

Next Steps:

  1. Review the class options listed below.
  2. For each class of interest, click on the link to go to the page which will give you more info, including access to class options, schedule and registration.

See you in class!!