THE Complete Digital Paths


I’ve created this page, so you may see the complete sequence of each of the 2 paths of the digital system, from beginning to end. This is the definitive guide to the question “What should I do with all of these digital images?!”.

-To understand the components of each path, click on each title, which will open to a new page with the description, bonuses and links to the sales page(s). To return to this page, simply close the new tab. 

-Choose the path which is right for you.

-You may invest in the whole system at one time, which gives you the maximum amount of bonuses, or individual pieces, with the corresponding bonuses. 

The Offline/Online Path

  • PC or PC side of Mac
  • UNscrapbooking/Zip Layout Processes
  • Unlimited Journaling Options
  • Top Quality Book/Project Printing 


The Online Only Path

  • PC or Mac
  • Modified UNscrapbooking/Zip Layout Processes
  • Minimal Journaling Options
  • Top Quality Book/Project Printing

Forever Historian/Artisan 5 + Mix and Match Mega Bundle 1

Forever Storage/Forever Print

Books, Cards & More

Forever Storage/Forever Print

$199+, plus tax, $500 in bonuses