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But, what about the rest of us non-crafty people?

Does this sound like you: You love spending time creating decorative photo-albums! You don’t mind spending 2 hours, 1 day or even weeks decorating your pages so they look just right. The pictures you take really get your creative juices flowing for how you will make just the right border, embellishments and paper techniques around …

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Story vs Crafty Scrapping

Which version of scrapbooking do you think I think is the right one? If you’ve read the last 3 blog posts, especially Screw Scrapbooking, you probably are saying story-based scrapping. If so, you’d be mistaken. The scrapbooking industry’s marketing machine has been extremely successful at brainwashing many of us. I’ve finally had to take a …

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Screw Scrapbooking!

  SCREW SCRAPBOOKING! I am finally saying it right out loud, and it’s been a long time coming. Everytime I hear someone say, “Oh, scrapbooking, I could never do that”, when I didn’t even said the word “scrapbooking”, I scream “Screw Scrapbooking” inside. I know I’m not talking about THAT scrapbooking, not the way they …

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A Few “Don’ts and Dos” for Digital Image Safety

We have entered the digital age, yet, many of us are trying to navigate it using substandard beliefs, information and/or equipment. It’s mostly because we just don’t know what we don’t know. Hoping to avoid learning the hard way, here are a few “don’ts” for us to follow: * DON’T assume that because your beloved …

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Rehabilitating Photos and Training Their Owners!

Decades ago, while watching PBS (Public Broadcasting System), I discovered a most amazing person, Monty Roberts. You may have heard of him? He had a whole new way of working with horses and was known as “The Horse Whisperer”.  His programs were mesmerizing, watching him work with unruly horses and transform them into calm, enjoyable …

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