The Big Scrapbook Brainwash
Young woman showing her denial with NO on her hand

The Big Scrapbook Brainwash

Scrapbook Brainwashing? Yes, indeed!

This past Saturday evening, at my husband's office holiday party, Beth walked up to me. We started chatting, and she asked "So, what do you do?".

Since last January, I've realized that unless my answer includes the words "Screw Scrapbooking", that person is going to (more…)

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Screw Scrapbooking!



I am finally saying it right out loud, and it's been a long time coming.

Everytime I hear someone say, "Oh, scrapbooking, I could never do that", when I didn't even said the word "scrapbooking", I scream "Screw Scrapbooking" inside. I know I'm not talking about THAT scrapbooking, not the way they are thinking of it.

After last week at the vendor fair, I knew I could no longer keep it to myself!

Oh, I know what you are thinking. It's either: (more…)

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The “Where We Should Start” Poll!

This blog is about you and helping you make a difference with those you care about.... making them, and you, the stars of the story. It's truly one of the most, if not THE most, important uses of our photos/digital images. I hope you will make your voice heard (more…)

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A Few “Don’ts and Dos” for Digital Image Safety

We have entered the digital age, yet, many of us are trying to navigate it using substandard beliefs, information and/or equipment. It's mostly because we just don't know what we don't know. Hoping to avoid learning the hard way, here are a few "don'ts" for us to follow:

* DON'T assume that because your beloved is THE knowledgeable one regarding computers, they have expertise in organizing or safeguarding your family's digital images.

* DON'T believe (more…)

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It’s Not a Big Deal…. or Is It?!

As I was getting ready to post a survey of choices to learn your areas of interest for this Story Stars blog, something happened with my friend and client, Beth (a pretend name to protect her privacy), which was too important to be ignored. There is "patient" and then there is "gambling". You be the judge.... (more…)

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The Picture Whisperer, Continued…

In the last post, I shared how I saw some similarities between the "Horse Whisperer", the "Dog Whisperer" and how we deal with our photos/images. They rehabilitate horses and dogs, respectively, while training their owners and photo solution consultants like me rehabilitate photos/images while training their owners.

Let's see how: (more…)

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Rehabilitating Photos and Training Their Owners!

Decades ago, while watching PBS (Public Broadcasting System), I discovered a most amazing person, Monty Roberts. You may have heard of him? He had a whole new way of working with horses and was known as "The Horse Whisperer".  His programs were mesmerizing, watching him work with unruly horses and transform them into calm, enjoyable beings. He worked with horses and their owners all around the world and always said he "rehabilitated the horses and trained their owners". While doing so and raising his own family, he fostered over 50 troubled young people using his gentle abilities of rehabilitation. The horses, and the fostered kids, were always brought to him as the source of the problem, yet it was clear the horses (and kids) were simply reacting to their own experiences. You can read more of this story in his excellent autobiography "The Man Who Listens to Horses".  I've watched him weave his magic ever since.

A few years ago, (more…)

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Your Album-Making Style: Part 2 of 2

In the last post, I asked you to take a poll to identify your album-making style preferences, regardless of digital storybooking and/or scrapbooking focus, by choosing album #1 or album #2?

Before we get to what your choice means, please think about your answer and ask yourself if your answer really reflects your preferences or if it's more about how you may have been brainwashed into thinking about it. Just take a second, check in and (more…)

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